About MCL

Mahaveer College of Law was established in 2011. The edifice of a highly esteemed institution of learning lies in its academia which must invariably consist men of high academic caliber. The management in its uncompromising stand with the quality of teaching has placed the academic leadership of the college in the hands of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The college has vision to place itself in a pivotal position by offering the nation a stream of competent and brilliant persons in the field of legal learning.

Our Objectives

  • Helping the youth to enrich their knowledge with a positive bent of mind and optimistic attitude towards life that in the process of becoming good lawyers and legal advisers to remain a true human being perpetually with the true spirit of humanity.
  • Devoting itself to the cause of education in all spheres with a deep sense of commitment and indebtedness to the country.
  • Creating awareness in the youth regarding socio-economic and legal needs of the country and skills for the effective fulfillment of the above said needs.
  • Appreciating the functions of law in society and the role of law as an instrument of social change to develop the vision of a better world, where people can live in an atmosphere of dignity and honour.
  • To impart quality legal education so to prepare the students to combat the new challenges of legal profession in the 21st Century.
  • Offering the nation a stream of competent and value based legal professionals equipped with skills of advocacy committed to the cause of social justice.

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